I dream of intimacy almost nightly; Not sexual penetration, but emotional penetration. Sure the overlap is there between intimacy and sexuality, but any suggestion of fucking is absent from my subconscious. As I awake and stare out my bedroom window; I lament the bright blue sky that can’t be touched; beyond the sillouhette of winter deciduous … Continue reading Close



Space between the prose; Silence between the notes; Double entendre that you'll never define: Fears and memories and choices I've made; Desires and dread that float in my mind; Conflict, regret and dreams of love; Sometimes I wonder if it's worth my time; Enduring all this sacrifice, all the loss; I could love so much … Continue reading Hidden


Since you elide me, the lullaby lost its serenity, displacement of lagatos, to the sentience of stacattos. Since you shutter your storm, drumming no longer comforts, beguine isolates the balero, I have lost my rhythm. My morning run, the rising sun. reminds me of what's missing. Those notes, married in melody, are not as they … Continue reading Incomplete


Some days it's unrelenting, A fish without a school, The beyond is blue and green, But I only see black. Other days its suffrage, A hawk on its ledge, The ambit below to admire, Liberty pulsing my veins. Either way; The tilth is the same, yet the esthesis so different. Squeezing, aching pain, or liberation … Continue reading Solitude

Orientation’s Dilemma

I originally posted this in 2013 but have thought about it innumerable times over the years. Its essence encompasses the concept of perception at a time when I was only beginning to accept the idea that reality is subject to change. The quality of the writing isn’t extraordinary, but the spirit is there all the same.

Daydream for Change

Our preoccupation with sexual orientation has prompted many conversations within my social circle.  The emotional, mental and intellectual response to this concept induces a variety of interpretations by individuals.

Is sexual orientation a choice? How can a person be “straight” for decades, then suddenly be “gay”?  Oftentimes I hear people claim that either the individual was always gay and faking being straight, or is straight, deferring later in life to a gender change to improve his/her perception of life.  Many go so far as to claim that sexual orientation is a choice, fluid enough to swing back and forth.  The intrinsic issue here is how sexual orientation is defined.   Is it based on behavior or internal desire or genetics? There is tremendous ambiguity with this phrase, further complicating the fundamental understanding of it.

I suspect that this extraneous debate about sexual orientation is simply a projection of the perpetrator’s…

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Rise and Shine

Morning. Light on horizon, light on wings. I lean my head up, eyes resting behind lids. Breath deep, mind full. I open my eyes, and colors are brighter, tooting of geese as they fly overhead. Steaming coffee, infiltrates my consciousness. hand embracing the cup; Hot tingling of skin. Lips tenderly encircle the edge, clay smooth … Continue reading Rise and Shine

The Haunting

Wandering through the cemetery with my four legged friend; I am alone, yet crowded by others. The tombstones speak to me, with their short descriptions. I am reminded of the rich lives of those that choose to live. A woman dying at childbirth, her child gone a year later. Families surviving the depression; Other lives extinguished; … Continue reading The Haunting