Control is an illusion.  Some crave it more than others, and the insatiableness manifests itself into a variety of strange and startling neuroses.  It is the driver of many life choices, from children to careers to life partners. It even affects our daily behavior: we behave to get attention, win someone over or achieve a goal.  … Continue reading CandyLand



The threads that connect us, Tear me apart. As it sews us together, My nakedness, Stripped of armour, Terrifies. And I want to run. I've learned to sew, And the threads serve me well. Although on occasion, I ask once more If it's more protective, To remain, With my threads severed. Tragically however, If my … Continue reading Threads

Dirty Little Secrets

The price of my garden, Is in spirit currency. Its encumbrance, Brings death to mind and soul. The poppies, lilies and daffodils, Are an ideal picture on approach. But nobody knows, The soil is so deep. My colors and pretty and smiles, Smother the life I was intended to live. Inescapably, When nurturing those aesthetics, … Continue reading Dirty Little Secrets

The Rain ☔

I run from the rain, Yet the waters still follow. They slowly uncoil, Like a slithering snake. Despite resoluteness, Thoughts of clear, sunny skies, I concentrate, focus, To allude darker days. Yet inevitable clouds Persistently roll. Their fate predetermined, Their presence eternal. Nevertheless, In wisdom, in age, I have learned that the rain, All the … Continue reading The Rain ☔


To evolve, Is to resist the guilt, Enjoy the beauty, Emerge with the thunder. To evolve, Is to turn my head, To the confusion that lingers, In your chosen words. To evolve, Is to forge ahead, To beat down the fear, That failure propagates. To evolve, Is to love, In the unrefined form, That only … Continue reading Evolve


How much energy is dedicated to resistance, then commitment. Resistance, then commitment. It's a perpetual cycle. Humans are compelled to behave a certain way, and in the face of our disgust or disdain over our behavior, we purposefully act to counter this inherent impulse with the exact opposite. While witnessing this about human beings I … Continue reading Vascillation