How much energy is dedicated to resistance, then commitment. Resistance, then commitment. It's a perpetual cycle. Humans are compelled to behave a certain way, and in the face of our disgust or disdain over our behavior, we purposefully act to counter this inherent impulse with the exact opposite. While witnessing this about human beings I … Continue reading Vascillation


Human Denial

Are we destined to be at the mercy of some arbitrary truth that has mysteriously been formulated for us, or do we create and mold our truth? It has taken years of soul searching to accept that truth, my truth, your truth, and the truth of the world, is not realized until we accept it … Continue reading Human Denial

Every Moment

I'm listening to an audiobook written by a physician, who talks about our neurotic aversion to confronting our own mortality.  Medical school doesn't instruct on our temporary existence (it would be more of a philosophical topic, rather than a medical topic, yes?) and when death becomes imminent, either by disease or the breaking down of our basic … Continue reading Every Moment


Our inability to empathize may destroy us someday.  It is the single most deciding factor leading to our demise.  It haunts me, this lack of empathy, like the infinite echo in a dark, dank cave. We cannot even imagine, let alone pass judgment on, the thoughts that drive a person to do what they do.  … Continue reading Echo

Meaning of Failure

  The face of failure has dark shadowy eyes and an ominous expression. It's synonymous with death- death of an achievement, death of satisfaction, death of a vision being realized. Ultimately it's the vision that we grieve the most- an expectation that continues to be the mirage far out in the distance. Our shame of … Continue reading Meaning of Failure

Solitary Liberation

Being alone is socially shameful.  Kind of like being gay 20 or 30 years ago.  Ultimately, human nature dictates that anything that deviates from a centrist position on everything is averse.  Decision-making is derived from first categorizing one's thoughts and beliefs, then labeling  them as "normal" and "abnormal". Inevitably this results in a certain margin … Continue reading Solitary Liberation


The refugee crisis can feel so far away, a migration of tens of thousands that's happening an entire ocean away in a place that I have never been to, and probably will never go to.  It affects me deeply however from an existential perspective, as I feel the pain and desperation of the victims today, … Continue reading Migration