The Author

I lived in the suburbs trying to be the person that society expected me to be.  Then, one day I realized, that without change, I am destined to be forgotten.  To sanctify one’s life is to realize one’s legacy.  My objective now is to live life reflectively, thoughtfully and critically.  With the wisdom that this exercise will produce, I dream to relay this wisdom to others: verbally, in writing, or action.  This is one of 2 blogs, and I am working on a book.  If anyone would like to share his/her thoughts about any of my postings, you are welcomed to contact me at  Thank you.  Live and learn and don’t be afraid.



4 thoughts on “The Author

  1. I love the Kierkegaard post. He is a very divisive philosopher. One either loves him or hates him; there is no one who is indifferent towards him.

    I dislike his style of writing – it’s too verbose – but his thoughts are very insightful and useful.


    1. His writing is dramatic but I believe it serves a purpose. It represents an emotional engagement in his content that wouldn’t be accomplished with a more journalistic approach. This man has lost sleep over this topic, and I can respect that. Unless the content is superfluous or trivial, I am not inclined to like or dislike any writer. In fact, I enjoy feeling a charge of antagonism on occasion!


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