Japan’s Orphanage Crisis

Witness: Lack of Support in Japanese Orphanages MAY 1, 2014 Enlarge Beds in sleeping quarters for elementary school girls at a child care institution in Iwate prefecture. Eight girls share a room, and the space on their own bed is the only place children are allowed some privacy. Even such privacy is guaranteed only by … Continue reading Japan’s Orphanage Crisis


Thucydides: Melian Dialogue

Excellent illustration of mankind’s perpetual need for power to define oneself, a thirst that hasn’t been quenched since the beginning of time. Don’t blame Bush, blame human nature!

The Great Conversation

In his 2012 book, On Politics, political historian Alan Ryan reflects on the conflict between Athens and Melos during the Peloponnesian War – “It is famous as the worst atrocity committed by a usually decent society, but even more as one of the most famous assertions in history of the rights of unbridled power.” In this video, we will explore the encounter between the Political Realism of Athens and the Political Idealism of Melos.

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What Kids Need More than Anything

The below article on http://www.hrw.org/news/2014/05/01/witness-lack-support-japanese-orphanages is a blunt reminder that success cannot be achieved without the love and affection of a caregiver.   No money, private schools, instruction, and helicopter parenting can offer children the sufficient resources to drive forward and change the world.  Unless the child feels  they have the worth to make a difference … Continue reading What Kids Need More than Anything