Orientation’s Dilemma

I originally posted this in 2013 but have thought about it innumerable times over the years. Its essence encompasses the concept of perception at a time when I was only beginning to accept the idea that reality is subject to change. The quality of the writing isn’t extraordinary, but the spirit is there all the same.

Daydream for Change

Our preoccupation with sexual orientation has prompted many conversations within my social circle.  The emotional, mental and intellectual response to this concept induces a variety of interpretations by individuals.

Is sexual orientation a choice? How can a person be “straight” for decades, then suddenly be “gay”?  Oftentimes I hear people claim that either the individual was always gay and faking being straight, or is straight, deferring later in life to a gender change to improve his/her perception of life.  Many go so far as to claim that sexual orientation is a choice, fluid enough to swing back and forth.  The intrinsic issue here is how sexual orientation is defined.   Is it based on behavior or internal desire or genetics? There is tremendous ambiguity with this phrase, further complicating the fundamental understanding of it.

I suspect that this extraneous debate about sexual orientation is simply a projection of the perpetrator’s…

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