The Haunting

Wandering through the cemetery

with my four legged friend;

I am alone, yet crowded by others.

The tombstones speak to me,

with their short descriptions.

I am reminded of the rich lives

of those that choose to live.

A woman dying at childbirth,

her child gone a year later.

Families surviving the depression;

Other lives extinguished;

Spared the suffering of the time;

but deprived of the suffering of living.

I glance at the sun

lingering in the northern sky.

These days are short,

but will lengthen again.

I kiss the moon today,

my embrace facing the sun tomorrow.

My shadow lingers beside the light.

I am reminded,

that without tears there are no smiles

Without hate, we cannot feel love,

and without failure, success is elusive.

I am ready to face the darkness,

knowing that the light is only a day away.





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