The Boardwalk


I would like to thank my dear friend, Scott for this photo.  

Under the boardwalk,

Pillars stand at attention,

Barnacles like skin,

Rough and worn.

A product of life,

High tide, low tide,

Withstanding stormy seas.

Yet the warriors,

Resistant of strife,

The pillars survive,

Raising the boardwalk up,

With dignity.

I search with eager eyes,

For footprints among the pillars,

But they have washed away.

Silently, obscurely,

The pillars have seen the tide.

The tide of lovers,

Meandering in the sand.

How many lives were made here?

How many lives were lost?

One only sees,

From innocent eyes,

That the tide of life,

Has left wear and tear,

Along the rough and worn skin,

Of the pillars of life.


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