Passing of Life

This poem was written to express some regrets that I had about a young man that let his demons win.  Once the person is gone, all we have left is our own reflection.


He was already gone,
He was already gone.

Nothing had changed.
Everything had changed.

Absent and non-existent;
Cerebrally the same.

Present in my mind;
Time comes to a halt.

I follow the path backward,
Beginning with the last encounter.

And wonder if something
Could have been done differently.

Take inventory of regrets;
Introducing different endings.

If I had only tried a little harder.
In the end the vicissitudes win.

Life is a series of lessons;
Interwoven with a series of tragedies.

A blanket of spirits,
A blanket of demons.

A blanket that only fits around my shoulders.
One that can never be shared.


One thought on “Passing of Life

  1. I love this one. I can feel the yearning to make things different. The regrets piled up. And the wisdom to know that once the other is gone it is all just images in your own head. Time halted. Great. Keep writing!


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