The Cycle of Control

The dichotomy between freedom and government regulation is glaring in this case.  On the one hand we feel confined, controlled and oppressed when rules and regulations inhibit our ability to reach a quality of life.  It’s a cycle really, just as so many other things in this life are.  Mankind is always seeking to find that perfect balance, that sweet spot if you will, between dark and light, right and wrong, good and bad.  In the end, its all relative, whether we admit it to ourselves or not.  Our need to scrutinize our actions and make adjustments is perpetual, and as a result we need to perceive the adjustments as the end, not the means to the end.

We associate governmental (or institutional) control with “Big Brother” and as a society, we universally pull away as we begin to feel resistance against our drive to achieve our dream.  As our governmental body responds to these social pressures, we feel liberated from our chains and begin to exercise that freedom with creativity and greater risk taking.  What a relief it is to be able to make decisions that won’t result in repercussions! After all, we are only searching for the sweet spot!  Then slowly, insidiously, a rare few step a little beyond that line, the line that the rest of society would never cross.  In horror, we eventually discover these transgressions, whether the transgressions consist of police brutality, financial fraud via a ponzi scheme, betting recklessly on (or against) a group of sub-prime mortgages that have been packaged neatly together to resemble a stable investment source, or passing around an innocent orphan.  I guess in the end, it’s unfair to entirely blame the perpetrators.  They had no direction from our government.  The government should have been overseeing the well being of the innocent.  The government should be more involved, right?

Paradoxically, as these government rules, regulations and laws develop, we begin to feel safe, now knowing exactly what our boundaries are.  Tough love is good love.  Then slowly, insidiously, we begin to feel oppressed again and this spreads across a mass of society until it becomes commonly known.  We are being controlled, inhibited from meeting our dreams.  The cycle begins again.


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