Out of Thin Air

I’m not a big fan of current events.  The clinical, objective reporting reduces a dramatic event down to mere words.  I understand that the purpose is to avoid bias, but I happen to get a charge out of bias (whether I agree or not).  Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean I like all biases, just the ones that have some supporting evidence (which usually rules out Fox5).

The recent predicament, or more appropriately agony, with the Malaysian Airline disappearance has been riveting for me.  How is it possible, that an object the size of a house, could incomprehensibly disappear?  Is life so fallible and the world so fragile that at any arbitrary moment the most taken for granted aspects of life are just as vulnerable of demise as the most appreciated?

From the position of the family members, time must indeed be ticking by at tortuously slow speeds.  Closure is only appreciated when there is an absence of it.  Trying to operate as usual becomes an impossible task, and certainly something as simple as eating or bathing becomes tedious.

From another point-of-view, as an objective spectator of this calamitous event, it appears to me that if a plane can disappear into thin air, accomplishing any seemingly impossible task may not be nearly as impossible as once thought.  The biggest challenges in life consist of a combination of many complex, little tasks, and in order to meet fruition, one can only concentrate on the little tasks, one at a time.  If this plane disappearance was, in fact, deliberate, it certainly required the segregation of each minute task, then striving to achieve each of them.

Of course, in the end, we may never know exactly what happened, and can only hope to find the plane soon to at least account for this potentially deadly source of violence.   If the plane didn’t crash, finding it is utterly critical for this very reason.  I will continue to obsessively follow the events as they happen to better conceive of an event that seems so unlikely.



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