During my college years, I completed an extensive research paper on Morocco, thinking it was a dynamic, developing country.  Regretfully, once I delved into the infrastructure supporting this country, a country that’s nestled at the mouth of the Mediterranean (and technically the Tyrrhanian) I was disillusioned to discover that without a political, legal and empirical economic foundation, no society can resist the tide of corruption.  

The gap between people of excess and the lowest of the poor is vast.  The majority of the population struggle to just feed their families.

On the other hand, these African/Mideastern cultures emphasize family over materialism.  As a result, the means to happiness is much easier and accessible than one would think.  In contrast, many Western cultures are so fixated on material success that fundamental sources of happiness (family, spirituality, knowledge, health) are disregarded, making happiness much less accessible.

One would think that with the geographical positioning of this country, this society has advantages for success in trade than some of its inland counterparts.  Alas, at the present moment, growth seems elusive.

Below, I ran across a fellow blogger that has a collection of some fascinating pictures of the real Morocco.  They correspond with this piece so I thought I would include his blog posting.  Thanks Nathan De Ruwe.


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