Mountaintop- Early Morning Thoughts. Enjoy

Scarf against neck,

Silk brushes skin,

floats through the air,

drifts onto floor.

Sweet whispers ears,

pucker, pucker,

lips against neck,

ache from within.

touch along arm,

fingertips flirt,

knitting of hands,

electricity skin.

Hunger overtakes,

intimate heat,

deep reverberation,

I feel you within.

Want eternal now,

silence of time,

continue this climb,

up erotica hill.

Although to dismay,

this moment must pause,

sun across sky,

charge lingers on.

When sun rests its eyes,

chapter is closed,

song recapitulates,

hunger fulfilled.


2 thoughts on “Mountaintop- Early Morning Thoughts. Enjoy

  1. Daydream for Change is quoted to say, “I am veritably not an expert on relationships, spending more time at the keyboard than in the company of people.”

    Who then, pray tell inspired this piece? The one that got away?


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