The Magic of Weed

I work with a guy that’s a total pothead.  OK.  Maybe that isn’t entirely accurate.  He’s a hemphead. What’s hemp, you ask?  It’s a spoke in the wheel of evolution that we’re in the middle of spinning.  Today, we had a lengthy, technical discussion about a weed that he is obsessed about.  This weed is in the cannabis family.  It looks and grows a lot like the stepchild that has been disowned for centuries.   However, it has no THC.  It is versatile beyond one’s imagination, capable of being used as a plastic (that’s easily biodegradable) as a textile (easily replacing cotton), providing a rich protein source (via the seeds) as well as a myriad of other practical manufacturing purposes that have nothing to do with getting stoned.  Nevertheless, it has been banned for decades, maybe centuries , from the United States because it too closely resembles our mellow maker.  

Thankfully, with marijuana now being legalized, legislators and regulators are pragmatically reconsidering the inclusion of Hemp into our agriculture, and potentially into our manufacturing.  This is a defining moment for us, introducing a plant that requires almost no fertilizer, can grow in just about any climatic conditions (it is a weed ya know) and can do just about anything.  It was included in the most recent, comprehensive farm bill as a crop the government would be willing to insure.  I can only imagine the snarling, nail-biting, and tapping-of-the-foot that the cotton and petroleum lobbyists must be doing right now, knowing that creating political pressure against cannabis could make or break their industries.   Progress always leaves fatalities in its wake.

On the other side of the fence, it’s cousin, the social outcast, Refer J., is also in the process of being accepted back into the family.  It is refreshing to see researchers recognize weed for what it truly is: an anti-anxiety agent, a sleep aid, an anti-nausea agent, a pain killer, and now it has been found that THC may slow down the growth of some cancer cells as well as HIV.  Of course, I am gloating (just a tad) because, although I am a health nut now, I was a pothead a long time ago, notorious among my family and friends.  I would intellectually try to talk sense into these people about weed, since it can’t be overdosed on (unless somebody pumps the smoke into your lungs while you’re unconscious) and isn’t physically addictive (unlike the plethora of prescription drugs that it could potentially replace).  Besides, how can cigarettes, a “drug”, be legal, yet highly addictive and deadly, while marijuana is illegal?  Boy, do I love to see evolution. 

Speaking of evolution, what about Tesla?  The car version of Apple, and we are about to witness the birth of a new era.  I look forward to seeing the U.S. be less dependent on some of our not-so-friendly neighbors, subsequently not feeling the need to get in the middle of their bickering.

If you’ve read thus far, you are quite-the-saint for reading my rant.  Hearing this guy so passionately preach about the magic of hemp, I was compelled to share the hype with my friends on the blogosphere.  


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