Alessandro RisuleoInk is black, lines are clean

notes are fluid, feelings deep

reflection real, spirit free.

words delineate meaning,

derive from truth.

empathy tears,

Feel your pain.

Dream of trees

truest green

ocean waves, deepest blue.

fragile love, proudly worn

free of fear, fear of loss.

colors worth the risk,

plunge the cliff.

Without truth,

all the joys,

become untrue.


4 thoughts on “Absolute

  1. What I love about poetry is it’s method of art form. The language is obtuse enough to allow the reader to make his/her own personal associations to the words. With that said, I wrote this with the idea that we cannot feel life fully until we engage fully. Presenting ourselves authentically returns an authentic experience. I think its wonderful that you were able to create your own picture to these words. Thanks for reading.


  2. I am no one, I am everyone. I was just passing through but stopped at ‘Escaping the Storm”. Struck by your expression of inner torment and contradictions. Thanks for writing.


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