All or Nothing

Today, I had a discussion with someone about the arbitrariness of nothingness and I started to reflect on the existence of nothingness, eternity, impossible, and random (as well as a couple, more controversial religious topics). These terms are absolute to the level of incomprehensibility. Does that make them arbitrary or just too complex for the human mind? I researched the internet, discovering that nihilism is the belief that all is relative, and as a result individually worthless. Ironically, the premise of nihilism isn’t that nothing is arbitrary, but that reality is arbitrary. How can reality be arbitrary if we can touch it, record it, bleed from it and suffer from it?  If reality is defined as our interpretation of truth, it’s pliable. It’s not only variable from person to person, inevitably from moment to moment. An event that provokes emotion in one instance doesn’t necessarily provoke the same emotion at the same intensity in the next moment. We are irrational creatures, translating experiences into different memories at different times. Because we cannot identify a reality definitively, all reality becomes arbitrary.

So if reality is arbitrary, does that default nothingness, eternity, impossible and random to being sound? Evidently, we cannot put our hands on these things, cannot assign a number to them, cannot compare them to anything, and cannot strive to reach them. Indeed, these terms return arbitrary definitions, yet ultimately we may not have definitions for them simply because we don’t have the capacity to conceive of their existence in this stage of our evolution.

Overall, we can’t be sure of our reality, and we can’t be sure of our lack of reality. We must accept the arbitrariness of the discernible and the less discernible. Our options consist of trepidating the future or anticipating the future. It really is quite simple when you think about it.


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