Embrace Reality

The internet is invaluable at enlightening me about things that are so far away: physically, mentally and emotionally.  Today, I was reading about a group of gentle Afghans driven from their country for a variety of reasons, trying to find shelter somewhere, anywhere.  The desperation that overwhelms these people, a hopelessness that encompasses every daily activity.  The purpose of moving forward into the future is stifled by a complete absence of legitimacy today.  Survival becomes the singular purpose, with no capacity to conceive of anything beyond that paradigm.

I have spent a lifetime pondering my purpose, without ever appreciating the very opportunity to consider the presence of this dynamic at all.  Moreover there are some who lack the capacity to even acknowledge the existence of choice in their lives in the first place, despite having the reserved energy to do so.

Today, in a stroke of gratitude and optimism, I embrace my inadequacy to fully define how I am destined to alter the universe, I am taking a moment of silence to appreciate the opportunity to contemplate something far beyond basic existence. 


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