The Balance of Peace and Freedom

Freedom and peace.  Two ideals that are perpetually elusive.  Two questions.  Can they ever exist together?  Can they ever exist at all?  The unrest in the Ukraine carries a certain degree of irony, as does all other social unrest.  People are driven further away from one ideal, out of a sense of hopelessness and frustration, in order to move closer to the other ideal.  It’s a dynamic that rests on a sliding scale, a scale continually affected by the vicissitudes of our evolution.  Peace is at one end of the scale and freedom at the other end.  Evidently, in order to fight for and maintain our freedoms, the prevalence of peace must be compromised in some way, since freedom can only be obtained by recognizing and nurturing the conflict between the suppressed and the suppressor.  In a social dynamic, this conflict  manifests through confrontation of some sort: through writing, through words, through actions.

I have personally experienced this dichotomy in my life.  Peace became inordinately important, and as a result, freedom was sacrificed.  Indeed, the scales will always be tipped one way or the other.  The co-existence of both ideals is ever elusive.


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