What about the Innocent?

Recently, I’ve been noticing that protection of the innocent has become astutely obscured by political correctness, negotiation, and simple complacency.  Frankly, I am ashamed of the behavior of modern man and want to pronounce this sentiment here.

More children are being decimated in the volatile Middle East, Somalia, Sudan and others than ever before.  One can argue that these same children are being educated and trained according to the belief system of their belligerent elders, and therefore are terrorists and social deviants in the making.  Indeed, the thinking of these children are being molded to perpetuate the very hatred that ultimately leads to their demise.  Is it fair, however, to curtail the potentiality of their lives because of a variable that they have no control over?  In the final analysis, it’s our own fear of nurturing misanthropy that drives us to condone this behavior in ourselves.  Ironically, the same fear that looms over our consciousness is the same fear that is at the core of our adversary’s behavior.   Ideally, only communication, diplomacy and ultimate compromise are we positioned to consciously live with our actions and the actions of our adversaries.  Otherwise, our actions must be pushed out of our consciousness, because nobody with basic moral principles would permit the killing of the innocent to prove a point.

This type of reckless decision-making is not merely occurring overseas.  A current event that I just read about in Delaware prompted the thoughts that lead to this essay.  A woman, raped by a relative, had a baby to show for it.  The relative, not unexpectedly, denied the rape, instead claiming that it was simple consensual incest.  The DA ultimately negotiated charges down to incest to streamline the case.  As a result, Family Court granted him custodial rights, since he was more established than the young girl that had been assaulted.  Now, despite desperate attempts to have her case re-evaluated,  the mother faces futility.  The relative is threatening to take the child out of the country, and the mother now fears that the child’s safety may be in jeopardy (the child is now 10).  Does anyone recognize the risk that is being taken for the sake of filing this case away?  Are those same decision makers willing to live with themselves if something happens to the poor, innocent child?

I am always preaching about how we singularly change the universe in a small way, and the legacy that we leave behind is the only thing that ultimately has value.  Are these people willing to leave behind a legacy of apathy?  Mankind needs to spend more time being reflective of his own actions before going out into the world to arrogantly try to alter the actions of others.

Does anyone have any ideas as to how we, as human beings, can find balance between stopping the evils of others while resisting our own evils to accomplish this?  I would love to hear what others think about this.


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