The Zebra is Never the Horse

Truth is oftentimes an obscure thing.  It hides under, behind, and inside many other affectatious images in our lives.  One will never master the skill of teasing the truth out of the idiosyncrasies of life, since each opportunity to learn truth is unique to only that truth.  This undertaking will continue throughout our lives.

When faced with a blatant untruth, it presents itself as one, although oftentimes we subconsciously fail to recognize it for what it is.  A zebra could easily be perceived as a horse, since it serves the same purpose of the horse, it has the shape of a horse, it represents identically as a horse. Yet with some scrutiny, and bravery, we can manage to recognize it for what it is: a zebra.  The stripes are inarguable, we cannot deny them.  Sure, it clearly resembles a horse, but it is still a zebra.

The media has an opportunity to get your attention.  The method at which to accomplish this is solely within it’s power.  It is the responsibility of the individuals behind that media to determine how this objective will be met, the end result being derived from these principles of the individuals.   With the free society that we are fortunate enough to live in, each of us is confronted with more choices than we would have otherwise.  It enables us to demonstrate our principles more readily, and therefore these principles are represented more accurately in the end product.   This applies to everything we execute, and is indeed more conspicuous in the form of media.

I introduce this point of view in order to address some media that represents itself as news, but in fact is embellished to a degree of being fictionalized.  Understandably, the purpose of media is to get our attention, and indeed even embellished media will accomplish this, sometimes to a greater degree because its embellished.  However, by recognizing it for what it is, it remains embellished.  It can never be reality if we, as viewers, don’t accept it as reality.  The zebra is never the horse, unless we perceive it as a horse.


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