The New Year

What is weight? A ten pound bag of potatoes is 3.7 pounds on Mars (I looked it up) and 23.6 pounds on Jupiter.

What about time? A solar day is the length of time that it takes the sun to reach the meridian. 24 hours on Earth. Interestingly, this number is similar to a day on Mars: 24 hours 37 minutes. Maybe it has to do with the size of the planet combined with the speed that it spins? Jupiter, although large, spins so fast that a day is 9.9 hours. On the other hand, a day on Venus: 242 days- longer than its year: 224. It’s all relative.

Our lives carry weight, emotional weight. Money struggles, health issues, family conflicts and job demands all contribute, and sometime overwhelm us with weight. Emotional weight is quantified by the time and energy required to cope with the predicament.

And time? Let’s face it, a dreadful day drags. We dream of it ending quickly so we can escape to whatever mechanisms are in place to help us forget. On the other hand, a great day always flies. Generally it feels as though the Earth spins slower during the horrible days, and spins like a top during the great ones. Of course, this time disparity, and the weight, exist solely in our consciousness.

Depending on where you are, and your ability to resolve the issue, maybe on this day of reckoning, we should consider the weight of our lives lighter this year as it was last year. Positive feelings lighten up weight, and in order to accomplish this we must focus on the relationships and accomplishments that bring us positive, and lighter weight. The days will come and go with ease, and we will be so inclined as to enjoy our time on this Earth a little more.

Happy New Year.


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