Serendipity, Passion and Truth- Impetus of the Bull and the Bear

To my unexpected friend.  Stranger by day, confidant by night.

If we open our eyes and welcome the unexpected, we will be presented with new horizons, deeper relationships, and a more profound knowledge of life and ourselves.

Western society, with it’s money and it’s power, is faced with a dilemma unique to it.  Intervene and repair the world’s transgressions or withdraw and allow the world to confront it’s own deficiencies.  The subtle contradiction that this produces.  Westerners are accused of being interfering and apathetic simultaneously.

One frequently grapples with this dichotomy in life.  Do we live proactively, controlling the momentum and direction of our time and space,  facing disappointment associated with the realization of possible irrelevance?  Should we acquiesce to the forces of the universe to present to us the fate that we are limited to within our accessible time and space?  One must wonder if we are each designated a place in this world based on nature and nurture simply as a result of our predicament, or do we have the power to change our destiny?

My collaborator introduced to me this quote from Kierkegaard, taken from a speech that was made in the mid 1800’s:

“A passionate age pushes forward, establishing new things and destroying others, raising and tearing down. A reflective, passionless age does the opposite, it stifles and hinders, it levels.”

In other words, unless we DO something, thought is meaningless.  Energy invested in thought alone is wasted energy.   Existentialism in it’s rawest form.

We each have behaviors that are uncomfortable to us, whether we admit to them or not.  We wander this life with our demons, nobody truly understanding the implications of these demons.  In order to TRULY live as we are intended, we are all personally responsible for overcoming these emotional hindrances in order to mitigate our limitations.  It’s a scary proposition, no doubt, and the process of achieving this is indeed more profound, more taxing than any words on paper could describe.  The choice must be made, however, if we have any drive to move forward.  We have the power to choose compliance or resistance.



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