Dichotomy of Life

I have recently been faced with a truth behind survival: move forward, or accept the prospect of extinction.  This is the essence of evolution.  Energy is absorbed or emitted, progress occurs or retreat is inevitable.  In truth, idleness doesn’t exist.

In astronomy, a star is in the midst of fusion or fission.  Fusion is the physical process of the evolution of a star becoming a main sequence star.  It is a continuous process and will only cease when the star reaches a culmination point and transitions into it’s fission stage. It is perpetually coming together or breaking apart.  The progression of life is in a continuous state of motion.

In biology, a species continuously produces offspring with very subtle mutations which eventually accrue into significant changes,  finally securing it as a new, distinct species.  Evolution is a continuous progression, otherwise it becomes inevitable extinction.  To live, or to die.  There are only two viable absolutes.

We, as the complex, emotional, dynamic creatures that we are, are subject to the same process as all existence.  Unfortunately, our nature inhibits our ability to see reality, and the idea of moving forward towards evolution appears frightening, causing tentativeness to prevail.  We convince ourselves that resisting to move forward results in neutrality, but in the universe, we are either advancing towards evolution or we are advancing towards extinction.

Basically, it’s always worthwhile to take risks in order to move towards evolution.  If we don’t, we are automatically choosing our own extinction.


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