Piece of the Pie- An Expression of Social Defiance

I promised myself that my poetry would be limited to my other blog, but I think this poem is appropriate for this venue.  By the way, I skip dinner all the time.  Why waste the calories?

Dessert in my mind,
a phantom of pleasure.
My appetite for sweet incessant.
My body approaches,
the image disturbance.
My conscience exclaims “don’t do it!”
You haven’t had supper!
It just isn’t right!
Utility flooding my ears.
With conflict distracting
and water in mouth
the dishes now get my attention.
reality dodged,
decision delayed.
awaiting arrival of wisdom.
I sit back and ponder
the real implications.
of forcing a supper’s consumption.
Desire of sweets,
against forces of judgment
delays the conclusion impending.
So why not just master
what really entices
and enjoy dessert as intended.
Orchestration of meals
as society intended.
is barren in spirit indeed.
I just need the courage,
to dig a bit deeper
and accept the unorthodox menu.
My character’s design
the melody unique,
prompts the need for dessert before supper.


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