The Leap Into the Abyss

This haunting topic of “Universal Healthcare” may provoke irritation, with a roll of the eyes, and a slightly louder tone of voice.   I suspect this discomfort doesn’t just emanate from the redundancy of the topic.  There’s a visceral message accompanying this otherwise benign subject: in order to evolve, we must change.   To many,  being forced to change is a terrifying thought.  It’s a leap into the abyss.

Imposing struggle on one’s own life feels counter-intuitive.  Why would a person deliberately make his/her life more complicated?  Most people just want to endure the rest of the day.  Alas, struggle co-exists with change.  To evolve, one must willingly change.  Hence the paradox: change (accepting the underlying struggle) or refuse to evolve, consequently becoming potentially irrelevant in the face of retrospection.

So ultimately, if we want to evolve as a society, and we, as Americans, have always endeavored to evolve, we must adopt this inauspicious idea of universal healthcare.  It doesn’t mean that success is immediately over the horizon.  It just indicates that we are a society that is willing to take risks to enrich our co-existence during this short timeframe on earth.  Once we take that leap into the abyss, anything is possible except stagnation and futility.   The future is ours for the taking.


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