Nihilism is derived from annihilate, or to wipe out, to destroy completely, to entirely negate.  The philosophical term is translated to be the perception that nothing in this material world has any true value, and therefore is worth nothing.   Neitzche was a believer in nihilism.  It’s an interesting perspective, worth consideration.

We wander through our lives worrying about pretty pointless things.  Will we get to work on time, will we have time to shave our legs, should I or shouldn’t I wear makeup, how do I convince people to take me seriously?  The moment that we cease to exist the world will rotate as it did the moment before your life ended.  On a broad scale, the scale of the universe, we are so incredibly miniscule that ultimately we become irrelevant, and therefore nothing.  Is this such a terrible philosophy?

By considering the daily operations of living as irrelevant, we are much freer to relieve ourselves of the burden of performing menial tasks and focus more on our limited opportunity to affect the lives of those we co-exist with.  Although nihilism reduces our lives down to incremental pieces of an enormous puzzle, It enables us to see what movement we are able to truly make in our lifetime.


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